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At Virginia Coram we specialise in the most natural of bath, body and skincare.


Our carefully designed ranges of luxury liquid soaps, hand and body lotions, bar soaps and bathoils are tailored to cater for all types of skin and sensitivities.


Most notably and unusually, we make our liquid soap from scratch in the traditional lye method using high quality oils including Olive, Coconut and Sunflower.


It takes time and great attention to detail to create our liquid soap bases, and they carry the hallmark of exceptional quality.

Our luxury bathing products are scented with complex essential oil blends which evoke the glamour of femininity, the sturdiness of masculinity, the healing properties of the herbal and mysteriousness of the deeply spiced.

Our roots are as artisan soap makers, and we maintain the handmade ethos at the core of our product offering, whilst providing our customers with an exquisite collection of bath & body care that enhances every skin type.

We work with pure ingredients, from the finest quality oils to delicious essential oils. We keep it simple, vegan, plant-based and luxurious.


If you have any questions we are very happy to answer them.

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