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Discover Our Luxury Bath & Body Products

Nothing beats relaxing in a hot scented bath in the freezing depths of winter. With our luxury bath and body products you can easily find the perfect Christmas present for anybody who could use some TLC this season.

Among our collection of products is our Citrus Scented Collection which features a number of accentuating essential oils, such as sandalwood, lemon, geranium, sage and vertivert. This collection includes our Artisan Gift Set which has a delightfully aromatic blend of Neroli, Sandalwood and a blend of citrus notes from Mandarin and Grapefruit to Lemon.

With our luxury bath and body products, your loved-one can enjoy the most sumptuous, bath imaginable.

Traditionally associated with Christmas, citrus fruits are the ideal wake-me-up for those cold winter mornings.

Perfect for bringing a fresh start to their morning ablutions, the fresh natural ingredients in these luxury bath products will awaken the senses and refresh the mind. With their luxury packaging they will also look wonderful on the bathroom shelf and are ideal for anybody looking to create a luxurious atmosphere in this room.

All our products are created using the finest natural ingredients and made in England. Since all ingredients are natural, they are perfect for anybody with sensitive skin.

Browse our collection of natural bath and body products.

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