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Not only are we concerned with the quality of the bath and body products we make for you, we are also very conscious of the impact our consumer life styles have on this planet.

Packaging Trials

We are currently trialling the use of glass bottles for our new products. It is our hope that soon most of our products will be available in glass, and that packaging innovation will have moved forward enough to provide you with a lighter weight option.

Ordering in glass

If you would like to order Liquid Soap and / or Lotion 250ml bottles in glass we can arrange this for you. Please contact us here

We can also provide you with information on sourcing bottle holders.

Safety with glass

The use of glass bottles may concern some in terms of safety, but it is easy to get used to being careful with them.


Our product designer has been using a glass bottle in the shower for some time now without incident (admittedly it spends most of its time on the floor!). Though she does advise purchasing a wall mounted deep soap bottle holder and a bottle with a pump particularly for showers with hard floors and by the bathtub, or the glass bottle with aluminium cap for liquid soaps to be used in a shower with a floor of softer material.

On the look out

We are also constantly looking out for and testing new packaging ideas, particularly for the more liquid elements of the collection. If you see packaging you think we might be interested in, please let us know!

Shipping Materials

Where possible we recycle all our shipping materials and only reuse things like bubble wrap if it has been sent to us by one of our suppliers. Where possible we use rice based packing chips, paper wrapping and cardboard boxes.


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