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We supply our Luxury Bath and Body collection at wholesale prices to Retail, Hotels, B&Bs, Holiday Cottages and Restaurants.


Our specialism is real liquid soap which, in order to be of good clarity, must be made from the highest quality whole vegan oils. Our liquid soap has a consistency suitable for use as Hand Wash, Body wash and Shower Gel. It has a superb bubble and due to high Olive Oil content, does not dry the skin.


We offer seven unique essential oil scents over a range of Washes, Organic Hand and Body Lotions, Luxury Bath oils and traditionally cured Natural Bar Soaps. For guest bedrooms we supply all Organic Lotions and Washes in 50ml bottles and can make miniature 20g bar soaps to order. All our products are vegan, contain only natural scent and are gentle enough to be suitable for all skin types.

If you want to add to your store's offering but want to maintain your own unique brand story we can put together a collection using your own branding, packaging look and feel. You can either use our proprietory blends and bases or we can develop something new and exciting for you.

For more information and an initial consultation please contact us on



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