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A celebration of Mother and Child

It is that time of year when we celebrate Motherhood. Every single one of us humans has a mother.

The celebration of mothers is truly ancient. Mayan culture, among many, is famous for its fertility carvings. Fertility is everything to survival.

But mothering is far far more. It is the cradling of a newborn, who cries from tiredness, the feeding, the changing, the gentle bathing, the unconditional loving. It is the watching and encouraging of those first wobbly steps and hearing of those first jumbled word streams punctuated by ‘yes’ or more often ‘no’!

By the time we reach our first days of school we cling to our mothers as we go in, demanding hugs and thousands of kisses and reassurance as we turn the corner in to the school entrance.

Then, as we find our feet we reject those hugs and kisses in exchange for fleeting moments of madness with our class buddies before in time. But leave the playground early, or before watching them disappear in to the mayhem of learning and they will notice, even though we think they don’t. And again the kisses and hugs will be restored even if for a shorter time.

As mothers, we take them to ballet, and rugby, and horse riding and numerous other extracurricular activities on play dates, birthday parties, and sessions climbing trees at the local woodland, dog walking and kite flying, and treasure finding on the beach. Some days they will complain, and want to stay home wrapped in the familiar and comforting PJs and other days they will chomp at the bit to get out and just run, run and run.

All of these moments, even the ones where we find we must scold them, form the child that will eventually be the adult, and the comfort to us, as mothers, that we have done our job, that they can walk without falling, negotiate, hope, love and laugh as adults. Though, we always know that our job as a mother is never complete. We continue to do all of these things with them, even if we are hundreds or thousands of miles away from them.

What it is to be the mother of children, and what it is to be loved by our mother as a child.

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