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Feel like a Detox?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Disclaimer – the author is not a medical doctor but shares her family’s particular detox with you as something she is finding useful personally. It is no way meant to be construed as medical advise.

Prescribed medication – do NOT make changes to your usual medication without consulting your doctor. If you are being treated for any conditions please also consult your doctor before starting this detox.

General Elimination of toxins from diet

We try to eliminate all toxins from our daily lives. It has helped to detox the body faster by freeing up the P450 pathway in the liver. Some of these are also drivers of inflammation, which is what we are trying to prevent. Here is our top list.

Smoking/Vapes (essential to eliminate as they contain heavy metals which will make the path to recovery much slower)

Caffeine (some weak tea is ok)

Gluten/grains (sprayed with chemicals to speed ripening – some thought that this may also cause what looks like gluten sensitivity)

Brown Rice (contains Arsenic)

Large fish (Cod etc condense heavy metals eaten by smaller things it eats)

Dairy (increases mucus in the body)

Processed food (contains any number of chemicals/E numbers that clog the liver)

Sugar (promotes inflammation)

Alcohol (excessive consumption creates inflammation and clogs the detoxifying P450 pathway in the liver)

Pulses (large pulses contain storage protein toxins if not prepared correctly and potentially harmful levels of Cobalt, lentils are ok)

Mushrooms (can contain heavy metals)

Toothpaste (Fluoride has now be classified as a chemical dangerous to life, SLS is also thought to be a carcinogen.)

Deodorant (Commercial deodorant contains aluminium and other chemicals)

Talcum Powder (Contains heavy metals)

Other skincare products (Can contain a number of different chemical compounds that skin into the skin, and/or strip away the natural protective layer)

Cleaning products (Sprays aerosolise chemicals. Bleach in water instead for cleaning or other liquid gels that can be applied with a cloth. Use gloves. Chemicals from these can be recycled back into tap water)

Over the Counter medication (over counter medications can be useful but also require clearing from the body through the P450, slowing the detox process down)

Rehydration drink

While we have been doing the heavy metal part of the detox we have been replacing electrolytes using filtered or bottled water, and adding some electrolyte powder as per instructions. Add organic juice concentrate. Soda Streams are useful! The body cannot detox if it is dehydrated


The diet itself can be tailored according to our own individual needs and likes. Dosages for the Heavy Metal Detox should be researched. There are many very expensive blends and weird concoctions out there but we prefer to use the organic raw materials. We try really hard not to give in to cravings, but when that happens we have something like dark organic chocolate.

Morning Drink - early

We have been taking warm lemon water as a morning drink with a small amount of locally produced honey.

Detox Drink – 1 hour before breakfast


Barley Grass Juice Powder

Wild Blueberry Powder


Mixed in organic apple juice

Breakfast – 1 hour after detox drink

Fruit (melon, berries, apples, bananas) and handful of pumpkin/sunflower seeds. Quinoa replacement for porridge. Many other options available including eggs.

Lunch – eat until full

We have been taking supplemental inositol, choline, zinc and full vitamin/minerals (food state are good) with lunch.

Salad of pea shoots, rocket, other small leaves and at least ½ cup of chopped coriander leaves, add any of cucumber, baby tomatoes, radish, carrot, capers and a sprinkle of nuts/seeds. For protein we choose from a combination of free range Chicken, small fish or prawns, lean British reared meat. We add more bulk add lentils, quinoa or other small cooked pulses or seeds.

Dressings of olive oil, garlic, honey, whole grain mustard, organic apple vinegar with mother.


For dinner we have been eating slightly less than at lunch time and eating by 7pm. This helps the sleep pattern. We follow similar menu to lunch.

Detox Drink – just before bed

As per above

Night time tea

Lemon water with honey and 2 bashed cloves of garlic


Herbs are a fantastic way to help the body detox. Professional Herbalists from NIMH can give you an online consultation and design a tincture blend especially for you. We are lucky to have a very well qualified herbalists and holistic practitioners in our close friend network. If you would like to have details of Herbalists, Acupuncturists or Reiki Practitioners please email for details.

If we have a bad day and are detoxing too fast, we add some carbs to our food such as root vegetables or more fruits but not too much. We would also ease off the herbs a little, particularly those used for the heavy metal detox.

Lugol’s Iodine

This can be useful in helping restore energy. We melt 5g coconut oil in a clean glass pot with metal lid using warm water bath and add 1 drop of Lugol’s Iodine. Agitate. Leave to cool and then apply ½ 2X per day to the lower parts of arms. Not everyone can use this, so a patch test is highly recommended. An alternative to using Lugol’s is to add Atlantic Dulse to the diet, or other seaweeds high in iodine.


Goodness, sleep is the best medicine. A good 8-9 hours is perfect for rejuvenating the whole body system. The body cleans itself when it is asleep. When we don’t sleep well we can feel as if we are hung over, or toxic. We have slept a lot more during this detox process.


Dry Skin brushing is an excellent way to move toxins through the second circulatory system, the lymphatic system. As it isn’t pumped as blood is around the body, it needs a little bit of help. Dry skin brushing is done from the extremities of the body towards the large lymphatic centres in the groin and armpits. Epsom salt baths also help to speed up elimination.

Happy Detox!

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