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Rain Stops Play!

We have been rocking the whole soap thing this first part of the year with a number of great events in some amazing venues. Peppered by the odd rain shower however!

This year has seen unprecedented rainfall, and some of the best downpours were earmarked for show weekends. Heckington Show, after the tornado nearly had the whole show cancelled in 2018, saw all the main shopping avenues descend in to a mud bath – wishing we had got a photo of the child’s hands who looked for everything like they were about to start doing handprint painting with mud! Second day called off. Let’s hope for better weather particularly for this show next year.

Wading in mud at the Heckington Show!

The Rutland County Show had it fairly easy, with only a little shower here and there. We were tucked snuggly into the lovely Rugby Club Room in the Pavilion. We like the Club Room! Check out the Website for more details of this event.

Then there was the Georgian Festival. Day one, 20 mile per hour winds (relatively tame for Lincolnshire), but accompanied by sideways drizzle. Not great for Bar Soap. The second day, after a good first, the heavens opened. I made the rooky Market Stall mistake of emptying the bowing canopy with my hands and not a long stick! That was a cold shower I didn’t need. This event happens every two years, so next year we will be going to the Southwell Ploughing Match in Notthinghamshire instead.

The absolute best event so far this year has been the Autumn Fair at Easton Walled Gardens. Many of our companions opt to do this fair rather than Burghley, which has somewhat lost its sparkle. Lady Cholmeley and her team not only provided us with the most perfect venue, but lots of glorious sunshine. For more information on these beautiful gardens please visit their website here.

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