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Toxins, chemicals and heavy metals

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

When we began our heavy metal detox as a family I thought it would be a good idea to look at all the potential sources of toxins, chemicals and heavy metals from the environment… The deeper I went into the available research the more concerning it became!


You know that when you turn the tap on, the water that comes out often smells of chlorine? The presence of Chlorine, which is designed to disinfect the water supply from bacteria, can actually react with other compounds present in water producing chemicals such as Bromoform and Dibromochloromethane which are carcinogenic. Water monitoring does take place for these compounds but still! Click here for some more reading.

Many studies have been done on outflow of treated water into rivers, that indicate the presence of various compounds including chemotherapy drugs, contraceptive pills, SSRIs (anti-depressants) and other drugs. The treatment of water and filtering that it goes through before it gets to our homes, may well not be enough to take these out, meaning that when we drink tap water we may be exposing our bodies to small amounts of drug compounds.

How to protect you and your family? There are many ways you can clean your tap water, including reverse osmosis filters which are fitted under sink, standalone fine carbon filters such as those produced by Berkey or distillation. Remember that bottle waters are also not necessarily quite as pure as they should be either.


We all know about crop spraying using compounds such as Round Up. Interestingly, many countries are now banning its use following findings about the long-term health effects and impact on flora and fauna. Read here about related lawsuits.

We hear every day about the toxic emissions from manufacturing and vehicles, many toxic gases of which are well known to cause harm to life.

We are also very much at risk from air pollution caused by aeroplanes, particularly over heavy traffic and holding pattern areas – major cities and airports. Who noticed at the beginning of lock down that suddenly we had a crystal clear blue sky, which went on for weeks?!

This article discusses fine particulate matter over London. The assumption is that it has blown from Heathrow, however we also have to consider that many cities are a holding pattern for planes waiting to land. There is no mention of what the fine particulate matter actually is.

Read more about particulate matter in the air here.


Already discussed above are the effects of herbicides such as round up on the environment and humans and animals. We have also to consider the various insecticides and chemical fertilisers used on the land. Many chemical preservatives are used in processed food. Chemical compounds are also used to create flavour and colouring in foods. It is impossible to test for allergic reactions to these compounds, the tests do not exist. This was according to the allergist who was convinced my daughter was allergic to strawberries, when exclusion pulse tests from my amazing acupunturist showed it was food containing the preservative Sodium Metabisulphite. It is possible, however, to test for allergic reactions to food. Seems a little odd?

Here is a good article on some of these compounds from Juicing for Health.

Skincare and other products around the home I have covered in my other blog article so I won’t repeat myself here, but the same issues apply.

In summary you can see that we are bombarded on a daily basis all sorts of undesirable substances.. Perhaps buying organic only, or growing our own, filtering our water, reducing our own contribution to particulate emissions may in the long run, help the health of everyone and everything around us. A little contribution from everyone goes a long way!

In the next blog piece we share some ideas on detoxing from all of the above!

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