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Vetiver in the spotlight

Currently one of the most interesting notes used widely in Men’s perfumery and skincare, Vetiver also has other interesting uses.

Vetiver essential oil is steam distilled from the roots of a perennial (long lasting) grass which grows in tall bunches. The grass is native to Asia and is cultivated in India, Indonesia, China and Haiti.

Vetiver Root
Vetiver Root essential oil is extracted using steam distillation

It acts as a base note in natural perfumery, used to anchor the various notes together and help maintain the integrity of the perfume over a period of time. The oil is thick and resinous. Its scent is, at first sniff, quite deep but has surprisingly lively notes of freshly sawn wood, a vanilla pepperiness, freshly cut green grass, a slight spicy and orangey finish.

In the field of herbal medicine it has bitter tonic, aromatic, antimicrobial, antimicrobial and carminative qualities (Skenderi, G. 2003). It can be used for digestive issues including appetite loss and to treat fevers/colds*

Vetiver is also used in the formulation of saddle soap, so our many horse riding customers tell us, as it acts as a vermifuge and general deterrent for insects. Our Bootroom Soap containing Vetivert was very much a happy accident! We find many customers are drawn in particular to this particular skincare range, and it is possible to some therapeutic element of vetiver oil.

* Disclaimer – any references to medical uses are taken from quoted sources and are not intended as medical advise.

Reference: Skenderi, G. Herbal Vade Mecum, 800 Herbs, Spices, Essential Oils, Lipids, Etc. Constituents, Properties, Uses and Caution. Herbacy Press, Rutherford, New Jersey. 2003

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