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The Perfect Gift For Sensitive Skin

Are you searching for skincare gifts for somebody with sensitive skin?

Bath and body products are one of the most popular types of gifts to buy loved-ones, but it can be tricky to buy the right ones for somebody with acne-prone or oily skin.  

Sensitive skin often happens when the natural dermal barrier is weakened or broken down, causing it to become irritated. The best type of products for those prone to break-outs or flare-ups are those made with natural ingredients.

Winter can be an extremely difficult time for sensitive skin, with the freezing weather often exacerbating dry skin. It’s therefore important to keep your skin moisturised.

If you know somebody who has a birthday coming up in January or are shopping early for gifts for Valentine’s Day, Virginia Coram have many great products that are perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Our Organic Lotion is the ideal nourishment for all skin types and will leave skin feeling velvety, smooth and irresistibly scented. It comes with a choice of lovely natural ingredients, including lemon and sandalwood, geranium and safe, and frankincense and black pepper.

We currently have a new year’s sale, with many great prices on our luxury Bath and Body Products. This is a brilliant way to grab a bargain now the Christmas rush is over.

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